Used tires to recycle, raw materials from tires and tires granules.

Tires for recycling

An extensive network that recovers tires throughout Italy.

The useful contacts

Recuperpneus operates in a network of contacts in the field of raw materials.

Fast and Dynamic

Recuperpneus are a young structure that works to improve the recovery of tires.

knowledge of the tire industry and related materials market!

30 years experience; we distinguished for reliability and operational capabilities


Recuperpneus S.c.r.l. is a consortium that deals with the disposal and treatment of ELTs of ELVs since 01/01/2014, with a view to product development that takes place with the working of the subject matter in the ELTs recovery centers, through shredding and granulation processes, we collaborate with centers of research and development of materials in order to enter new markets outside the National Territory.
In a time when the Sustainability is a topic still open to new challenges we are working in order to make new products valid and enforceable in the recycling loop.

Company profile

Rapidity, legislation RESPECT and eco – sustainability, are Our priority!